January 7, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Cards.


Here it is again. I talked about this card in the Full Moon reading on Facebook. This to me talks about journalling, planning, even list making. If you want to see the types of suggestions for different journalling, check out the post from December 26, which is the last time this card was pulled. I did shuffle and cut the deck, but it seems Orion Council’s advice is still to write our thoughts, feelings, intentions, goals, etc. You may even start automatic writing, which is a way to divinate by writing. Yesterday I posted a blog about the Valentine’s Day decor. You might want to go out and score some cute planning stuff, notepads, ribbons, pens, stickers, markers, pencil crayons, etc. to make your journal creative. Or use what you have on hand. Write for the love of it and write about love. One thing I used to do, is to journal all the number codes, animals I saw that day, messages I was getting, I taped to it the feathers I found, etc. I filled up a book in a couple of days, so I don’t do it anymore, but I still pay attention.  Back in the day, I used to journal swear words to get out my anger and frustrations.  I had a book written with only the F word lol. I think Orion Council would like us to use nice words. Anyway, I hope you feel inspired to start writing. You’ll feel better.

I have been noticing the “key” and “lock” symbols a lot lately. I think we are meant to unlock codes, gifts, abilities, memories, knowledge, wisdom  – things locked away. The key is love.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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