January 10, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 55 ~ The Soul Shrinker ~ Cruelty. Malice. Gossip. Curses. Destruction. Blessing.


This card is similar to the card we received from Orion Council on January 7th and the advice to use nice words. This faerie is here to remind us how our energy can affect others, even if the energy is words spoken behind their backs. There is clearing happening which may be why there’s some nasty verbage and negative thoughts coming to the surface to be released. There are other ways to clear without sending that type of vibration out. This card is also similar to the card from Friday and the need to shield and keep our own vibration high. The type of energy this card is speaking of, our Elders call “lateral violence.” They explains how it spreads across instead of being able to go up. I had a dream once where I was shown how this type of entity spreads. In my dream I was walking in a room full of people and there were these entities underneath our feet. They were unable to get to me because my aura was filled with golden light. But because they couldn’t get to me, they climbed up and whispered in the ear of someone in the room. The person, unaware of the entity, whispered in another person’s ear. The person then whispered to the person beside her. Pretty soon all the people in the room were staring at me with distasteful looks and whispering to each other. I went to speak to a person and she told me a lie she had heard about me. I told her, “no, that isn’t true.” She instantly became confused. Then an entity shot up from beneath and whispered in her ear. She came back at me with another lie. I kept coming back with the truth. The truth cleared up the entity but left the person with confusion. Lateral violence can be easily spread. Remember to watch your thoughts, actions, and how you are speaking of others. Remember the advice from the past few cards of the day and to do your self-care. I find it’s easy to get into gossip when I’m tired or ungrounded and foggy-headed. From the book: “Critical and malicious thoughts and words are having a detrimental effect on the situation and the people involved in it. Steps need to be taken to banish this curse energy through love and compassion – or at the very least through forgiveness and the refusal to accept the curse into oneself.” Also, “One of the things usually involved here is taking responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings rather than blaming others for the way we are. Another part of the process is to learn to be compassionate towards ourselves. If we can do that, it is much easier not to be horrible to and about others.” One thing someone told me once is that if anyone else had lived the life I had, they would have made the exact same choices I have made in my life. This helped me to understand that if I had lived a life like someone else, I would make the choices they made. It helped me to learn compassion and understanding about other people’s choices. The advice from the book seems very similar from yesterday’s card. It seems there are some energies present but it will help to ground and get back into heart space. Please take good care of yourself, it really does help with being more positive. If you slip up, remember we are only human and are learning how to be better. Don’t give up and keep trying. I am also seeing from the clearing that we may have stinky breath. Try to limit the amount of sugar and processed grains you are eating and up your fruit and veggie intake. Drinking water with lemon can help, as well as, the salt bathing I recommend. Take care of your teeth, too. It might be a good idea to see a dentist. If you are being gossiped about or feel there’s an attack on you from others, stick up for yourself, you can make a choice on not accepting their cruelty.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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