January 12, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards, as it does every Friday.

Attraction ~ You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully.


What’s interesting about this card today is that when I pulled this card it came up in reverse, like this:


This is the only card in the deck that is in reverse. I had reset this deck last year after I did one reading on Facebook where I kept dropping the cards. Anyway, my guides assure me this is our card today. This deck doesn’t have reversals, but I think it’s meant to be read this way. If you look at the lady on the card, she is “stopping to smell the roses,” she is enjoying herself in this moment. From this card, I am sensing that maybe some of you have been being too busy and not stopping to enjoy yourselves. In order to turn the card around we just need to stop and appreciate now. This can help us ground, center, and can reset our whole day if we just stop and breathe. Take some time to “stop and smell the roses,” or  whatever else you enjoy about this moment. Taking that little time to be fully present in the moment helps us to see and hear the messages from our guides. This card speaks to me of being grounded and has a similar colour to yesterday’s card. This card has similar messages and theme’s, too. I am seeing the trickle down effect of the energies that come into the crown with the pearls of wisdom going towards the ears and neck. Some may be having skin issues now, using rosehip oil or rosewater can help with soothing sensitive areas. Rose scents may help with grounding and helping you to relax – the scent of rose has been reported to help with depression. Again, looking at green pictures like the one on the card can help those who are feeling affected by depression from winter. Green stones can help, but also rose quartz can be a good one for helping you with self-care and self-love. Green foods and drinks can help at this time – green juices, smoothies, green salads, but also green tea – you might think about adding rose petals to your tea. I am seeing headaches, but trying to relax will help. Also, with the message of attraction – this is a good time for manifesting and drawing in love, money, health, and healing. To attract, you just need to enjoy yourself more, being in the moment fully, and expressing gratitude for having this moment now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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