January 15, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Cards.

Mary energy works with Orion Council. It is aligned.


During the New Moon reading on Facebook, we received a Mary card. I had shared a story that I was feeling the presence of Mother Mary. This is partly for the Mother, Maiden, Crone aspect many are feeling at this time before we celebrate the Maiden. She is also a reminder to connect to Mother Earth for grounding. At this time, I remember her teachings. Bottom of the deck says, “It is safe to Dream.” So another nod to the card from the 13th,  but some may receive visitation from Mary energy during dreaming. Watch for her codes, one I receive often is 11:41, meaning LOVE.  Remember her card and Love and Peace. Let go of the need to be right. And the Beatles song, Let It Be.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome week!




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