January 17, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Apprentice of Bowls


We’ve gotten this card quite recently on January 8th. I am guessing this energy is still present at this time. This card from the book accompanying the deck is called, “devote yourself to joy and peace.” From the looks of the card, how we can do this is by staying grounded – which I am finding is getting easier – Smudging, staying heart centered, sharing knowledge with others, going to a energy practitioner, or even practicing energy healing ourselves. This is an apprentice card which to me says, you are either an apprentice at this time, learning the ways of the master or someone who feels compelled to teach and take on students. Either way, it’s all feels good to me. I am someone who feels charity begins at home. You may want to pass down your knowledge to those in your home or family. I know my son is really interested in cooking and learning to cook, so maybe for me, that’s a good place to start is to teach him cooking skills. Again, I am seeing some may be headachey at this time, but try taking time to breathe through and I always recommend the peppermint essential oil. If you have concerns, please see your doctor. I am seeing sharing happening energetically.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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