January 19, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

Codependency ~ Addictions are affecting your romantic life.


Look who’s back, this is still a present energy and may be until it’s cleared. In yesterday’s card we seen in that card that the light coming in is showing us the shadows in the heart center. Here it is being shown again. There are those who may be not ready to look inside their heart. I know it can be scary but we have the strength now to deal with it which may be why it’s a present energy. Some may not be conscious of this energy, which is why they may be coping with the emotions coming up by distracting with addictions. We may not be able to move forward until we use our strength to deal with the codependency and addictions. There is a shield with a lion blocking her feet and we can pick up that shield and rise up and walk on, knowing we are protected, knowing we have the strength. Being grounded is important at this time, but sometimes what happens with the addictions and codependency is it takes us out of reality. A part of codependency can be denial, which isn’t being grounded in truth. If you have been having some issues in your romantic life and you are wondering why, it could be there’s addiction issues. It may be your own issues, it could be the other person or people involved. If you have been sensing your partner is hiding something, this could be what and why. It’s up to you to decide you want to be happy regardless of what others are doing. If you feel you’re happiness is being affected by addiction, you can seek help. If the only time you feel happy is when you are using your addiction, this is the denial and there’s no one or no thing outside yourself that can make you happy. This is a time of being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others. There are diamond and emerald codes coming in, some may have headaches. Upgrades with the diamond codes are coming in the ear to help us hear our guidance and communicate with others. Some may experience ringing in the hear or healing in that area, ear aches may happen. The wrist and joints are affected now, too. These energies may be present with us still in February – beginning of Feb to middle of the month. This gives us plenty of time to make a plan of action of how we want to move forward.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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