January 21, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

Diana ~ Focused Intention ~ Think about what you desire. Set your sights high. Expect the best possible outcome.


The effects of the new moon are still present. There are upgrades still in the crown trickling down. There are good manifesting energies, set your sights high is the advice from this card – think big! There may be some foggy headedness, but continue to focus best you can. Messages are coming in at night. Shoulders may be affected now. Smudging with Sweetgrass can help with any mentioned symptoms. There are cellular upgrades happening. You may be feeling tired. The cells are being infused with light – it can be a tiring process. Eating fish and other food from the water will help. Fish is really good for the brain and can help improve memory. There is clearing with some things needing the leave the head for the new to come in. Learn to let go and detach. With certain worries and thoughts out of the way you will be able to focus on only what you desire.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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