January 22, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 48 ~ A Collective of Pixies ~ Duty. Willingness. Joyful participation. Virtue.


What a wonderful card to start the week with! This is a card which speaks about having duties, but being conscious in our attitudes towards our duties. We can go about our work having a light-hearted approach, even enjoying ourselves, or we can treat our work as boring or oppressive and both attitudes will give different energies to the outcome. Many cooks will tell you when you put love into the cooking, the food tastes better. Lets approach our Monday with a joyful attitude and it can set our course for a happier week. The jobs gotta be done, so might as well do it willingly. And the advice is also to joy and pride in achievement. When we approach our work in this way, we will get the results we want. This attitude can be done with anything on our goal and manifest lists. There is also advice to join others in a collective and cooperative manner to achieve results. Join forces with coworkers,  family, friends, and faeries. There is also advice to dance. I sometimes take time to dance in the morning. I’m not a dancer, but moving around to good music can give a positive energy boost, and get those endorphins flowing. I am seeing from this card the balancing out of male and female, the diamond codes coming in from above and below, and the advice we’ve seen from previous cards of the day to reach higher. I am also seeing many are at different stages of the journey and its all good. Everything is as it should be.

Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead!




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