February 6, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Cards.


The first part of this card, to me, speaks of grounding and being grounded. During January, we were getting our routines, some new routines even. Some of the routines may be around goals we’ve set. It was a slower process, but now we may have those down pact. Some may be experiencing new sleeping patterns, too. I think they are also talking about sensing when energies are most conducive to what we are trying to achieve and going with the flow with the energies present. For example, when we are inspired, we create, when we are tired, we rest, when we are energized, we get stuff done. We are learning to go with the flow instead of pushing ourselves and doing when the energies just aren’t conducive for it. The second part of the card gives the advice to locate parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten. Do you get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something and don’t know what it is? There’s so much to remember, it’s time to bring it all in. We are awaking cell memories, DNA is being activated and we are needing to remember what the activation is for. We are remembering what we came here for. We are remembering who we really are. If you are having trouble with memory, eat fish or seeds, both have lots of good fats to help with the brain and memory. Coconut oil is another good oil for the brain and memory, as well as, Vitamin B’s. You may also want to consider cutting down on aluminum, eating from cans, drinking liquids from cans, and cooking with foil. Of course, we can always detox, but cutting down on aluminum in foods and body products can help. Another thing I do to help me find lost items is I call on the Faerie Who Helps You Find Things – works every time, no joke.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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