February 7, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Path of the Soul Destiny Cards.

Card 33


Look who’s back. We have been getting her cards recently, during Full Moon Reading on Facebook and on February 4th. Quan Yin is helping us to awaken the divine feminine within, protecting us, helping us to ground, and showing us compassion. Look for the 3’s today, especially 33 and 333 as the master and ascended master’s number. There are good creative and manifesting energies present today. There is high sexual energies present and love energies present. The angelic body is opening for some. The light codes are coming in and processing in the body. The advice from the book of this card is to have compassion for yourself by forgiving self and to stop being hard on self. The book says, ” Compassion is one of the biggest heart center openings one can experience.” There are roses again in this card, continue using your rose products – rose oils, rose body products, rose scents, fresh roses in your space, rose incense, rose tea, rose bath salts, etc. Even lotus products and scents, too. You may even want to work with rose quartz to help with self-love and compassion. There is so much transformation going on, take it easy on yourself. Items from the water are good to eat and work with still – like lotus. I am seeing an image of a sand dollar and a starfish in this card. Take some time to sit with the presence of Quan Yin. Spend time with Elders and/or call your grandparents.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!







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