February 18, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 64 ~ Gawtcha ~ Sudden Shock. Unexpected events. Rude awakenings.


When I look at this card, I get the sense there is something we are not wanting to look at. We are peeking, but not fully looking at it. I also get the energy of intuition. In the book, it explains the reason Gawtcha gives us the rude awakenings is to help us remember to trust in our intuition. The book also explains when we get to stuck in rigid routines where we don’t leave room for growth, this is when our soul asks for a wakeup call. Not all the sudden, shocking events have to be a bad thing, the book also speaks about winning the lottery. When these events happen, good or bad, remember it’s not a punishment, and it’s up to us to get back into balance. From the book: “Do not try to pick up the pieces and put them back like they were. Consider, instead, what you would like to build in that part of your life – and this time remember to leave room for growth.” Try not to see things in only black and white. The image on this card is black and white, so is the card on the bottom of the deck. I think any event this card is speaking of, is to help us bring more colour back into our lives.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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