February 23, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


We started our week off with “A New Dawn,” and now we have, “New Love.” There’s a lot of new things, relationships, feelings – just new energies period to be excited about. If you look at the card, the man seems like a “prince charming.” Stay grounded, the woman has bare feet on the ground. She is steady on a firm foundation. She is balancing baskets on her shoulders. Stay in balance, we are learning to balance work, relationships, and other areas in our life. It may seem as though the man has better stature than her, but she is the one who is in a higher position on the card. He is beneath her, so to speak. So pay attention – bottom of the deck is, “Pay Attention to the Red Flags,” – especially if you are already in a committed relationship. Keep in contact with your guidance. You may hear the messages of your guides through music. We are attractive and attracting others, even if you feel you are not. Others are being attracted to our light, we may appear to have a glow about us. Because we are attractive to others, of both genders, it’s a good time to find new friendships and even new job opportunities, as well as romance. You might find this new love at a work situation. I also see in this card, that the man is hard headed, and the woman is hiding something. Talking to each other may sort it out. Look for the 3’s today.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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