February 26, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Eight of Pipes


We are called to moved forward at this time, remembering we have everything we need to make those steps. Some may feel they are leaving behind security but when you look in your heart, you know it’s what you feel guided to do. Remember you are resourceful, you are steady, grounded, and protected. This is a card that points to listening to your heart – both the drum and woodpecker are symbolic of the heartbeat. Even the colour pink she is wearing is symbolic of the heart chakra and of self-love. It is self-loving to walk away from what no longer serves and it is self-loving to follow what’s in your heart to do. Listen to your guidance. It might be time to get a check up and get your doctor to check your heart health. Look for the 8’s today, the bottom of the deck is also an eight.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome week!




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