March 17, 2018

Good Morning & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Of course I had to go into The Faeries’ Oracle…maybe we’ll spot a leprechaun 😛

Card 46 ~ The Friends ~ Friendship. Support. Aid.


This is a good time to spend with friends. The book says when this card appears to reach out to your friends, they may need your unconditional love and support. This card also feels like joy, balance, and stability. Is there a friend you have that you feel joyous around. It may be that some of us are needing to balance within our friendships. Do you find you get too busy with life and forget to call your friends? Maybe you’re enjoying some newer friendships and are losing touch with your friends you’ve had forever. Whichever the case, this is a good opportunity to catch up with your friends you haven’t seen in a while. 4’s are important numbers now, watch for them. 4’s can have an energy of stability – the book says, 4 feet are better than 2 when needing mutual cooperation from others with anything you may need help with. This card also carries a similar energy of innocence and childlike play like yesterday’s card, which we seen is a theme for today’s New Moon in the New Moon reading. You can call on these two friends whose names are Faery Nuff and Loachan, to help you remember a time when you believed in faeries. Again, I am seeing some rashes, so take care of you skin. It is the body’s largest organ and is important. Your skin will alert you when you have toxins in your body needing to be released. See your health care provider for any rashes or bug bites you notice.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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