March 23, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card of the day comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


It’s time for a girls night out or a night out with the guys. Your friends have some good insights for you. Ask for support if you need it. We had a similar card last Saturday and the advice of 4 legs are better than 2. Some are wanting support for their romantic life. If you are single and wanting to date, ask your friends if they have someone in mind whom you could meet. You may meet someone through a mutual friend. For some having relationship problems, your friends can be a good support to you now. Remember, friends love you and only want the best for you. Some may even have a friend who is good at reading people, even to the point of being psychic, connect with that person, they have something important to tell you. For some needing childcare now, ask your friends if they can help with suggestions or even one may want to help you with watching your kids for you. The woman in the wedding dress has similar flowers in a similar place like the card from yesterday. Hibiscus is still a good flower to work with. Because I see this flower as a tropical flower, some may have plans to travel to tropical places. See if your friends can help you with your traveling goals or even have some advice if they have been to the location you are going to. Tropical fruits and foods are good to eat now. Even using scents that remind you of warm, sunny climates may be a good way to help you get in a better mood. Intuition and downloads are coming in. Try grounding if you are being flooded with ideas. Stay grounded anyway, your friends may be able to help with that.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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