March 24, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.


Last week we were getting many cards that spoke about retreat. There are many intense energies as of late that may be affecting us now, too.  I did a reading on the Facebook group called, “Energy Reading,” where I spoke about the solar flares and the advice from that reading was to retreat, but the New Moon Reading and New Moon Love Reading also suggested retreat. This energy of retreat and going within is still present in today’s card. You may have been feeling or feel now that you need some time away or to yourself. Our guides are wanting to connect with us. This guide may be an older woman, like a mother, grandmother, or aunt – the woman on the card is an older feminine energy and bottom of the deck is The Empress. The advice of this card is also to help guide others. I know we’ve been getting a card for the past few days with the hibiscus and during the New Moon readings I spoke about some planning trips to tropical locales. This card is calling me to the mountains. I’ve been feeling called to the mountains for a few days now. I wrote an article about it last summer – A Trip Through The Mountains. Are you feeling called to the mountains? Today’s a good day for grounding, meditating, and connecting to your guides. Vision and Third Eye upgrades are happening now and for the past week, if you go back and look at some of the cards you will notice an emphasis on third eye – especially the Kali-Ma card. During these upgrades you may notice vertical, horizontal, diagonal, even wavy lines in your line of vision – especially for grid keepers. Some may begin to see auras. Vision may even be blurry. If you are concerned, please see your optometrist. Good stones to work with now are still lapis, turquoise, but also amethyst, and red coloured stones. I will also recommend any stone, herb, essential oil, or ritual which helps you to connect to your guides. If you are seeing the lines in your vision, I would recommend connecting to earth spirits and faerie guides. Take some time to nurture you own spirit.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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