April 1, 2018

Good Morning and Happy Easter to all you April Fool’s 😛

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.


There are lots of psychic downloads and messages coming in at this time. Some still have fears to be released and this Full Moon is a good time to work on it. Some may have something to say but fear backlash. Some may have messages to give to others but may brush it off as unimportant. I remember when I first started receiving mediumship, I was visiting with someone and I kept getting a message to give to the person. I didn’t know how to tell that person and went over and over in my mind of how I should tell them. My visitor finally left and I quickly blurted it out. I knew they wouldn’t take it well because they were of a different faith path as me. But the universe kept putting that person in my path and I relayed the message again. My guides told me all I was responsible for was delivering the message and it was up to the person to do what they would with the information presented. That person later came by and told me they should’ve listened, lol. Sometimes, we can feel like we miss opportunities to say what’s in our hearts to say. How many times have we wished we could tell our departed loved ones how much we really love them while they were still here in the flesh. Release any fears holding you back of really saying what’s in your heart. Stay focused and be strong. You can feel Joan of Arc’s presence during those times when you are afraid of being misunderstood. I really felt her presence while I was first coming out the closet as an oracle reader and trying to start making a life from it. I noticed her presence by her symbols, one being the fleur de lis. There is also a strong message in this card about protecting the throat chakra. Imagine you have a sword of truth, like Joan of Arc’s cutting through the b.s. You can even imagine having a coat of armor, like hers, protecting you. And, let’s thank her for the lovely Easter Lilies, too.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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