April 12, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 41 ~ Ilbe the Retriever


Our intuition is coming in strong during this time. We are receiving downloads, remember it may take some time to process this information. It’s important to be discerning, think before you speak or give information away. Upgrades are still in the crown and third eye chakras and are now having the trickle down effect to include upgrades to the throat chakra. This is a card about non- verbal communication. This may include body language, telepathy, dreams, energy exchange between you and others with your throat and heart chakras. Use your intuition to help you decipher what is not being said, and again, it may take some time to process this. Like yesterday’s card, sphere shaped stones and round stone beads are good to work with now. These stones work in other dimensions, as well as, here. I am seeing Giraffe medicine will be good to work with now, too. I am also drawn to Ilbe’s antennas, antennas are another way of receiving information and communication. For us, our antennas can be our hair – believe it or not. Remember communication involves listening – our guides are wanting us to connect with them and be open to hearing their communication. There is still clearing happening now from past lives, bloodlines, and lineage. Some of what is being communicated and downloaded has to do with this clearing of the past. Watch for these triggers, even smells, another non-verbal cue. All our senses may be heightened now and all these senses can be ways in which communication can happen. Lastly, numbers now to watch for are 1’s, 2’s, and 4’s, any combination of these, like today’s date 4/12 and the card number 41.

From the book: Ilbe the Retriever ~ Office of Unclaimed Property, Hopes, and Wishes. Loyalty. ” Ilbe is trying to remind you of something you’ve lost – a hope, perhaps, or a dream.”  ” Sometimes we don’t think we are ready for them or we have given up hope altogether, and then he may arrange reminders for us – events or people in our lives that bring back memories of our past hopes and dreams. When that happens, we need to look at them again and consider how we may manifest them in reality.” ” He thinks you can do something with it now.”

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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