April 13, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


More past coming up now to be completed and made right. This is so it can be done with once and for all and have a clean slate. This can be past life clearing that we’ve been seeing in some of the past few cards of the day, this can be our ancestors pasts that we carry in our bloodline and DNA, this can also be our own recent pasts. It’s time to reconnect and time for reconciliation. Reconciliation can mean many things. Start with reconciling with your true self, with your spirituality, with your family, then with others. Some forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude in these areas can help. I think many of us have been receiving dreams about this situation at this time. Maybe it’s been keeping you up at night or waking you in the middle of the night. It’s time to look at moving forward in a good way, whether that’s together or you have to walk away. Again, I like to caution about staying grounded and seeing the truth. You may have been in a fantasy land about this situation and listening to other’s perspectives can help. Keep your mind open to hear that truth. Some may experience foggy headed feelings today, so take some time to center and calm before having some of these conversations. It can be hard if something surprises you or comes out of the blue. Know you can ask for that time to process.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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