April 14, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 44 ~ Lys of the Shadows ~ Healing the Shadows. Addictions. Bondage. Self-Esteem.


Here’s some more 4’s, in this case, 44, which is our numbers lately. The healers are still charged up now, especially in the hands. There could be some inflammation happening in the arms and legs, could be an effect of the fire energy of our New Moon in Aries. We are protected at this time. Keep your heart open. Sphere shaped stones and round stone beads are still good to work with now. Again, we have more work and clearing to do. If you have been feeling stuck in loss, Lys is here as a guide towards healing. This may be a beginning of the healing process for you. There is hope. If you are helping others in their healing process, Lys is here for support for you. The book says, “She always has time to support those who have time for others.” The book says, Lys is the patron faery of social workers, therapists, healers, people who try to help those with addictions, people who help those who are stuck in their darkness, and people who help those who are abused by those who should have protected them. She is there doing front-line work. This is time to encourage those to seek help for their addictions.  You can call on Lys for assistance, you might be relieved to find the person you are helping being receptive.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!




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