April 20, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


This card is very similar to our card from April 17th and ancestor healing, but this card more specifically points to our relationship with our parents. We are now asked to do some clearing work having to do with our parents. This may be issues that happened to you as a child. It may be a good idea to go within and check in with your inner child and find out from her/him how she/he is feeling. I am really sensing abandonment being a big factor. When you connect with your inner child, you can let her/him know you will never leave. It may be helpful for those who are beginning their healing journey to find a qualified professional or Elder to help guide with this type of healing work. During New Moon Love reading on Facebook, we had seen there is anger flaring up, I am seeing some with anger issues towards their parents. It’s time to forgive and let go of the past to move forward. Some are having to look at cycles and patterns that originated from their parents. It can be what you learned about relationships and love from your parents. What type of relationship did or do your parents have with each other? What type of relationship do you have with your parents? In that card from the 17th, some had a lot on their minds and the advice was to talk to their family. The advice is still here with today’s card, to have those heart to heart conversations with their parents. Like yesterday’s card, when we peel back the layers, we access more gifts and activation, today’s card is saying specifically we will activate our love life. This card comes as a blessing for me because today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 70. My kids and I want to make him a cake. Happy Birthday, Dad! 420

Thanks for reading, have an awesome Friday!




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