April 23, 2018

Good Morning!

Today we get 2 cards from Medicine Woman Tarot.


You know how it goes, as I was shuffling, these 2 cards fell out. I think this is definitely an energy present with the Three of Stones. We had a similar card last Wednesday with the Three of Pentacles from Zerner-Farber. You’re probably seeing some growth and things happening with what you’ve been trying to achieve. If you look on the Three of Stones card, there is some growth there present by their feet. Stay focused, and keep your eye and mind on the outcome you are envisioning. You might need some help to achieve this goal, however. Reach out to others with similar goals or someone who has already made it happen to receive some guidance or advice. This card reminds me of trade – see if you can trade a skill, gift, or something they may need in exchange for their help. For those who are building a business from the ground up, pyrite may be a good stone to work with now. Some may be thinking of hiring a person or wanting a partner to help grow their business. Some may be thinking of getting more education related to their field. All good ideas, make it happen. You have what it takes and you are feeling guided. Many have spiritual matters on their minds. I am seeing this as a result of crown chakra being worked on now. We may experience headaches and be feeling foggy headed. Take some time to ground, to connect with the Earth, to sit and be still. Once you do, you will feel that renewed sense of purpose and the inner wisdom you have to carry on.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome week ahead!





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