May 1, 2018

Good Morning! Happy May!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot.


Starting on April 28th, with Horus and Cosmic Gateway, we’ve gotten messages of strong frequencies coming in. On April 29th, Orion Council let us know some of these strong energies were love and to feel the love. Yesterday’s card on April 30th, we were given the message these energies are bringing about blessings and changes. Today’s card is showing we are asked to ground these energies. When I see these cards in reverse, it signals to me, we are in need of grounding. These are high frequencies coming in, loving energies, and they can make us feel like we are in a love bubble. I’ve said this before, this is lovely to feel, but it’s important to ground, because the bubble does burst. Keep that feeling of love with you while you ground. While we are in this love bubble, we may be feeling disoriented and feeling foggy headed. Spending time in nature and taking good care of yourself with exercise, drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, and rest when you need it will help keep you grounded. Messages are coming in at night, pay attention to your dreams, keeping a pad and pen by your bed to dream journal might be a good idea now. There are diamond light codes coming in. Things are balancing out, but like yesterday’s card, give yourself time and space while you adjust and balance. I am seeing grapes, seeds, greens, and pink and red foods being good to eat now. For some, you are feeling your other, your union, in the higher dimensions, and it’s time to bring it here. You may be feeling your twin flame or soulmate with energy exchange or in dreamtime. It’s time to ground and bring that love here now. So soon, for many. Watch for the 1’s and 2’s now as signals of these energies, to remind you to ground and stay balanced. Watch for messages from the birds – especially swans and geese.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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