Cards Pulled For Different Age Groups

On May 7th, I felt compelled to do a series of readings for different age groups. I was shown through signs and synchronicities this was divinely inspired. From what I understand, this is because the energies are affecting the different waves of starseeds and other volunteers differently. I have the readings on my Facebook page CreeWoman26sBagOTricks  if you are interested in checking any of the readings out. Please remember I am not a astrologer, but I do my best in learning what cosmic energies are affecting us at times because I do see it come through in the cards with readings for my clients. So if you hear me talking about the cosmic energies in the videos and it sounds like I don’t know what I am talking about, it’s because I don’t. I also did my best at seeing which age groups are which volunteers, but it’s limited information.

Overall Themes

  • Balance: This is a time where harmony is being restored. We are asked to help by balancing. In most readings, we are asked to have a good balance between male and female energies and of give and take. Some are needing to heal codependency issues like martyrdom, victimization, and control issues. Some are giving too much causing financial stress, draining of energy, and resentments. This is especially for those who are empaths and helpers. The advice to help balance this out is to have boundaries and ask for energy exchange. For example, if you are helping others by offering rides, see if they can help out with gas money or babysitting. In some cases, you will have to say no, especially to those who are draining your finances. The other side of this, is when you are allowing others to do too much for you, you lose your independence and give your power away. We are asked to balance our finances and to have a good balance between all areas of our life, like family, social, work, home, school, spiritual, and self care, etc. We are asked to eat a nutritious, balanced diet to ensure intake of nutrients, vitamins, minerals needed at this time.
  • Crown chakra upgrades: We are constantly evolving. This process is speeding up for us now. Since I began to document the ascension process on my blog and Facebook page, I have noticed with the upgrades to the crown chakra, there is a trickle down effect. The trickle down effect happens when the energies come in through the crown, then move down into the rest of the body and upgrades then happen in those areas the energies move to. I’ve only been documenting since February of 2017, but from what I remember, usually crown chakra upgrades last anywhere from a week or few weeks, and then the trickle down effect occurs. I am seeing in this series of readings, the trickle down effect is occurring at the same time as the energies are coming in. So many are feeling the effects in the whole body, all together at once. I’ve been seeing third eye chakra, ears, throat chakra, heart chakra, chest, all the way down to lower body and feet being upgraded along with crown. Each group is dealing with a different set of issues. With the crown upgrades, the advice is always to ground the energies.
  • Relationships with others: This seems to be a very social time for many. Many are given the advice to reach out to others during this time. Many are asked to accept support from and to offer support to others. It can really be of benefit to have a good support system of friends, family, and community. There is also advice to network for work to increase contacts and find like minded people.
  • Fears coming up for many
  • Advice to heal the subconscious

Cards for ages 0 – 17


My page on Facebook is rated 18+ because I like to be able to discuss mature themes if needed. This reading is for parents and caregivers who may be wondering about their child’s age group. While I was starting the reading I kept getting told, “in utero,” so I included a card for pregnant women. For 18 and 19 years old, your reading would be included with the cards I pulled for 20 year olds.

Wish Stone: Success

Card for Pregnant Women and children in utero from Medicine Woman Tarot: Warrior, which is The Chariot, card 7 in the traditional tarot.

Card for babies and toddlers aged 0 – 3 from The Faeries’ Oracle: Card 33 ~ Faeries of the Future ~ Be here NOW. Guidance. Moving Forward.

I feel both cards can go hand in hand, they presented similar energies. Even though I pulled the Warrior card for pregnant women, there is a pregnant faerie on the card I pulled for babies and toddlers.

Card for children aged 4 – 10 from Orion Council Oracle Cards.

Card for preteens and teens aged 11 – 17 from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards.

Overall, this age group is managing very well during this time and successfully integrating upgrades and energies. They are awakening many talents and gifts, growing and evolving quickly, as kids and babies do. They are excited about the changes happening, feel positive, and are looking forward to the future. Many of our children are the 3rd wave of 3rd wave starseeds, indigos, rainbows, crystals, sensitives, psychics, intuitives, the 7th Generation, and many have angelic heritage. Our children are helping to awaken parents, helping us to remember who we really are. They are where they need to be in their ascension process and are moving upward.

Babies and toddlers have a deep connection to their ancestors. They are being guided, protected, and cared for by the ancestors. Pregnant women will receive more insights and light codes coming during the new moon on the 15th. Pay attention to your guidance, watch for signs from the ancestors, signs of feathers, and messages from the birds. It may be a good idea for you to connect to your cultural traditions at this time. Your baby is sharing their strength with you. You are given the advice to increase your energy through movement – stretching, dancing, walking, yoga, tai chi. I am also seeing issues in the lower back and bowel movements being affected. The movement will help with your sore back and your bm’s to be more regular. Eating blueberries, preferably wild, organic, but do your best, will help with your bowel movements, as well. While walking, wear soft shoes, like moccasins, to help absorb earth energies and keep your feet comfortable. Consult with your heath care provider, nurse, midwife, or health care centre before you follow any advice on the internet, even mine. They might have some good ideas for low impact stretches during pregnancy. You may be feeling some doubts, but know your child chose you as a parent because they knew you were going to give them the knowledge and experiences necessary for their soul’s growth. You spirit is ready, which is why you are seeing lots of movement. You may even be experiencing traveling or an actual move soon. There is also advice to eat nuts and seeds.

Our babies and toddlers appreciate our guidance now. They are moving forward, but still need our assistance to direct them in the right way. We may even be directed by our busy children, to keep moving, to keep feeling excited about the changes, and to have that childlike wonder. We have just as much to learn from them as they do from us. The future is bright. Enjoy your little ones now, they are only small for a short time. Toddlers are busier than usual from the crown upgrades. Take good care of yourself parents, you’re gonna need it. Make sure they have lots of time outside to burn off energy, ground, get fresh air, sunlight, and have that contact with the natural world. If there is some issue with not being able to get outside, bring the natural world to them by allowing play with wooden toys, sensory play with water, sand, feathers, reading books about animals and nature, even nature shows on tv or video. You can supervise play with stones and crafts with the flat, glass marbles. Just watch they don’t put them in their mouth, they can be a choking hazard. I was hearing Vitamin D as a supplement for babies and toddlers, your pediatrician or family doctor can recommend a good one, as well as, give advice for dosage and method of delivery. Getting sunlight is good for Vitamin D, but a supplement will work for those who can’t be outside for whatever reason.  There is advice for eating nuts and seeds, watch for any allergies and use your own caution with giving small children nuts, they can be a choking hazard. If you don’t feel comfortable feeding nuts and seeds to your children, look for foods with healthy fats, especially omega 3’s, to help with the crown upgrades and healthy brain development. Red foods like tomatoes, apples, and strawberries will help with grounding. There is also advice to eat mushrooms as they can help produce Vitamin D, give many nutrients to help boost immunity. But good luck with feeding your picky toddler 😛 Trust me, I get it.

Our kids aged 4 – 10 are a force to be reckoned with. They carry the same Warrior spirit we seen in the first card. They are also very busy. They received a number code of 51, which to me says they are feeling positive about their changes. This age group is getting upgrades to their third eye, they are in tune with their intuition and are awakening many spiritual gifts. They are receiving many downloads and transmissions. They too, will benefit from being outside and in nature. They are protected.

With preteens and teens, they are going through a lot of changes with puberty, finishing grade school, entering high school in the fall, and some graduating soon. I feel they are excited for these changes. We are given the advice to just let them do their thing. This age category is also quite busy, we need to give them space and time for play. This is also a very social time for them. With this age group, there is advice to encourage them to cut down on carbonated beverages, like pop, and encourage them to drink more water. Eating foods with higher water content can be beneficial, so juicy fruits and vegetables, soups, boiled foods, juices, smoothies. This is a good age group to introduce crystal healing and giving them their own crystals and stones to work with. This age group looks up to their parents and appreciates the guidance given. This is an age group with a lot of indigo energy, many are awakening their indigo gifts. These are individuals who really have that warrior spirit. They are wanting guidance from their parents to help with this. Salt baths can be beneficial for this age group, they may be absorbing other people’s energies. I encourage my children in this age group by always having bath salts in a place by the tub where they can see them and reminding them to use the salt in their baths. My 17 year old really enjoys them. What I do for my 11 year old, is before he has his bath, I put the salts in the tub and all he has to do is add the water. This group is having a lot of energy exchange with animals and nature. This is very natural for them. With the reading for the age group in their 60’s, their advice is to impart their knowledge to the younger generations. Asking grandparents or Elders to impart spiritual or cultural teachings to this age group would be well received.

You can view the reading at this link:

Cards for those in their 20’s


This age group will also include 18 and 19 year olds.

Wish Stone: Success

Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, Medicine Woman Tarot, and The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

The areas of life I felt this age group was wanting guidance for are Career/Work/Schooling, Social/Relationships/Friendships/Family, and Romantic relationships. Fears are coming up for this age group related to these areas. Many are feeling called to move away on their own to find independence and it’s bringing up a lot of fears for them. They are afraid of leaving behind friends, family, and romantic partners. Regardless, they are going to do this soon. Fears are coming up about what their friends and family might think of them about moving, about their choices in work/career/schooling. They are feeling fears around being able to balance career/school and relationships. Many in this group are wanting to work with people, whether it’s just being around others or in a helping capacity. They are wanting to stick out from the crowd. The advice is to focus and keep thoughts positive. Some may be feeling the fears and doubts from others empathically, which may be why they are feeling the need to leave some people behind. Some are not sure what they want and the advice is to get to know the self by going within. Doubts are coming up over their life plans, and the advice is to revisit the plans and reassess.  This age group is going through a lot of learning experiences through life, school, and getting to know the self. This group is learning what they want and don’t want in life. They’ve been receiving guidance and have good intuition, they are learning how to trust themselves. They know what they want to do but it’s not coming easily because of the fears blocking them.

Relationships with friends, family, and social groups are very important to this age group. Some are feeling as though their friends and family aren’t supportive in their choices, especially for work and career. I am seeing new friends coming in for many, meeting these new friends through work and school. This age group looks up to their parents, admires and respects them. Some may even be thinking of following in their footsteps in terms of career. Parents are supportive, even though some may be saying they don’t support their life choices at the moment, eventually they will come around. There are lots of opportunities now, new creative projects being worked on, and what they’ve been working on manifesting is here. It’s a busy time. Some may want to consider rebranding themselves, as they get to know themselves, they can rebrand to bring a rebirth to their projects. This age group is also given the advice to stay in balance, especially balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Some of this age group have families and may be new parents with babies, congrats! Others are wanting to start a family and thinking about this as a next step in their life. Some will be leaving romantic partners, some are seriously considering ending a romantic partnership. This is because their focus is not on the relationship but on other areas of their life. It may be that their partner wants different things in life from them. They may not be seeing eye to eye about wanting to start a family. There are also too many people involved in the relationship, maybe even some infidelity. There is advice to look within for guidance on this situation. There was time apart from romantic partners brought up. The separation from their partners may be for work purposes – I wasn’t feeling like the separation was permanent for many. In any case, the separation will be a good thing for both. If wanting to make the relationship work, advice is to watch thoughts, especially fearful thinking and worry. Chemistry and self esteem will also need to be worked on. And both will need to refocus on each other and the relationship.

This age group has a lot on their plate right now. There’s so much worry and doubt they have no clue how amazing it’s going to get soon. The advice is to stay focused on the good things to come. Overall, I see good things coming and many blessings. This is a group that is ready to soar and step into their power. This group of people is inspiring. Many new opportunities, projects, and new friendships coming in. They are going to be successful and are succeeding. This group is part of the third wave of starseeds and volunteers.

You can view the reading at this link:

Cards for those in their 30’s


Wish Stone: Wealth

Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, Zerner-Farber Tarot, and Medicine Woman Tarot

While in the previous reading, those in their 20’s are wanting their freedom and independence, this age group wants the same but in terms of finances. Finances are a factor in whether or not they feel that freedom and independence and finances are seen as a tool to achieve freedom and independence for this group. Many in this age group are wanting to make money for themselves, and are thinking of going into business. They are also keeping open to possibilities to earn extra income. Many in this age group are also in school or thinking about going back to school. Finances are improving or will improve soon. Their love life is also improving or will improve soon. Some may be moving. This age group is feeling very stressed, emotional, and having a hard time slowing down. This is a busy time for many.

This age group is wanting to do their shadow work. Healing energies are supportive now for this group. Their spirit is soaring and they are waiting for their physical body and existence in this life to catch up. They have many fears around trying new things. They play it safe and stay where they are comfortable. This group is independent but are doing too much on their own. Their fears come from asking for help, not knowing how to ask for help, and accepting help because they’ve been doing it for so long on their own. They feel this as a pressure or heaviness on the shoulders, back, and chest. It weighs them down. They have codependency issues, especially control issues. They try to control everything, which is why they have a hard time allowing other’s help. They have a hard time to trust others.

The advice is to try new things and go outside comfort zones for growth and learning. They may want to reprogram the subconscious around limiting money beliefs. Reaching out for help and support from friends, family, and community supports will benefit this age group. It would also benefit to let go of control and allow others to help. They really do seem to have many supports and people willing to help at this time. They may need help from someone regarding finances – learning to manage money, growing investments, ideas for earning extra income, and mentoring them in finances. They may need help with finding work, getting into school, finding funding, scholarships and with childcare. There is also advice to spend more time with friends to help achieve a healthy balance between all areas in life. To help with manifesting wealth and healing, work with green stones such as aventurine, jade, gold, and purple stones.

Crown chakra upgrades are causing a head trip for this group with foggy headed feelings, confusion, delusion, unable to see through the illusion, being too much in the head, and being too busy. This is especially true for water signs. They feel inspired and have good ideas, but are having trouble finding the time to make their ideas reality. This age group is given the advice to ground. They are having trouble with the cosmic and planetary energies. They are given the advice to slow down, breathe, spend time in nature, and self-care. There is also advice for more play. This group has many healers, helpers, intuitives, and empaths. They may want to consider going into fields where they can utilize these gifts to help others. They may have blockages around accepting money for their empathy skills, but letting go of limiting beliefs will help to align and balance. Because of their empathy, they are giving too much of themselves and it’s causing drain on finances and energy. The advice is to set boundaries, sticking up for self, saying no when needed, and asking for energy exchange. It’s time for this group to go within and do their healing. They have the advice of swimming for play and exercise and getting more sun. This group needs to balance out male and female energies, giving and receiving, and aligning spiritual gifts with wealth.

This group has second and third wave starseeds and twin flames. Many are pleiadian hybrids. They are awakening gifts from ancient Egypt.

You can view the reading at this link:

Cards for those in their 40’s


Wish Stone: Strength

Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, Medicine Woman Tarot, and Orion Council Oracle Cards.

Overall, this age group is doing well with the energies. They do have some inner work to do, but they have the strength to do so. They are seeing growth with their manifestations and feel good about where they are in their life.

I am seeing healing of the mind with this age group. This healing is in relation to limiting beliefs held about the self. There is advice given to reprogram the subconscious of limiting beliefs. There is advice for healing with self forgiveness. It’s time to go within and go deeper. There are some good guided meditations on YouTube about releasing guilt and forgiving the self. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this from a professional or Elder, but some may want to retreat to do this work alone. They may be remembering times when they’ve caused harm to others which prevents them from feeling like they are deserving when good things happen. The guilt also affects self esteem and self worth for this age group. Going within to do inner child work might be of benefit, as well. Children might be triggering some of the guilt or issues they are facing. They may even carry guilt around mistakes they’ve made as parents. They may also have issues of being paid for what they’re worth at the workplace. It’s time to for this group to recognize the value in what they do. They are asked to do this work now to be done with it once and for all. It’s an opportunity. This group is clearing the way and cleaning up for the next waves. What they’re working on now is having a direct benefit on the future. This group is also helping to restore harmony.

This age group is focused on a project or projects they’ve been working hard on. They’re determined and their hard work is paying off. They are starting to see growth. This group is planning for their future, for stability. They’ve been working hard to benefit their family and the future generations to come. They are feeling really good about where they are in their life now. They feel good about being able to be a provider and providing for their family. This is why they have this strength to do this healing, because many are feeling they have a good foundation and are stable. This group is moving forward quickly.

In this age group, many are feeling called to start businesses. They may benefit from networking for work or business. They may also benefit from selling, attending, working at markets, such as, farmer’s markets, craft fairs, gatherings, conferences, etc. Many may be considering teaching and are ready to share their knowledge with others. I am seeing some may want to look into women’s gatherings where they can share their ideas, facilitate a workshop, and showcase merchandise. Some may want to consider both offering and accepting trade for payment of skills or items. Some may want to consider incorporating crystals and gemstones into their business wares. For example, someone who makes jewelry can use gemstones to make the jewelry.  Some in this group are going to be acknowledged for their achievements. Others will see the value and worth of their skills and abilities.  This time is going to be very abundant for this group. I am seeing advice to watch spending, however, it’s not a time to be frivolous with money.

Crown chakra upgrades are affecting the head and thinking. The advice is to keep thoughts positive and stay focused. Many are feeling sleepy. Grounding, spending time in nature, seeing projects through, self care, drinking lots of water, rest when needed, meditation, and incorporating more play will help. Managing stress and tension levels is also important. There is advice also to work with crystals and stones. There may be issues in the back and with the bowels. Probiotics might help with stomach issues, as well as, eating greens and sprouts. Women in this group may be having extra periods. See your health care provider about your menstrual cycle if experiencing this. It may be something energetic happening. Transmissions and downloads are coming in, especially at night and while sleeping. Pay attention to dreams. Watch for synchronicities. Many in this group might want to learn more about metaphysics and science to help with growth. This group is connected to the Orion constellation and many may be Orion starseeds. This group includes the 2nd wave of starseeds and volunteers.

You can view the reading at this link:    – yes, I do start out saying a reading for those in their 30’s but I just made a mistake, it’s for those in their 40’s

Cards for those in their 50’s


Wish Stone: Luck

Decks used: The Faeries’ Oracle, Orion Council Oracle Cards, and Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

This is another group moving forward quickly. They have luck on their side. Fears are coming up for this group, but luckily, they have the help of benevolent beings removing obstacles on their behalf. They have a good network of positive supports available and are assisting with helping others. They are carrying light codes which help to awaken  others and help them with ascension, whether they realize it or not. They are cheerful people, in general.

There are lots of changes happening with this group. They or their partners may be having changes in work or jobs. This change in work will bring about more abundance for them. They are also changing in the way they eat. Many are switching diets. The changes may also be inner changes.

This group has a lot of supports available. Their relationships with others has been highlighted in this reading. This is a very social time for them and they enjoy being around their friends. They are asked to accept support from others and offer support to others, as well. In general, they like being around people, even if it’s just one on one. They are asked to listen to advice friends are offering. They are asked to be open and willing to be vulnerable when sharing or asking for support. They are asked to communicate from the heart. There is advice to practice healing gifts with friends. The other side of this is fears are coming up for this group around feeling exposed, and fear of asking for help. This group needs to be conscious of their fears as they are affecting the energy of others and putting fear onto others. They may also be absorbing the fear from others. They are asked to face and release fears.

This group is surrounded at this time by benevolent beings, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and the angelic realm. These beings are assisting with removing blockages, helping with protection, and giving guidance. They are asked to connect to and work with these beings and listen. This group may feel the crown chakra upgrades in the head as headaches, ringing in the ears, and feeling foggy headed. They are also feeling the back and shoulders being affected. They are asked to connect to their earth chakra, to work on the root chakra for grounding and feeling safe. Staying focused on what’s important and keeping thoughts positive will also help. They may want to go for energy treatments or a massage – any type of hands on healing. They are asked to increase energy by avoiding foods that make them feel tired and increase foods which give more energy. They may benefit from increasing intake of protein. Green, white, red, and purple stones may be good stones for this group to work with, especially sphere shaped, round stones, or round, gemstone beads.

This is a group with many healers, helpers, empaths, and light workers. They are receiving downloads, transmissions, and light codes. They are asked to watch for 7’s as number codes. This can also be a prompt to learn about the 7 Virtues, or 7 Sacred Teachings. This group includes 1st and 2nd waves of starseeds, twin flames, and the 144K. Many are awakening and illumined blue rays and earth angelics.

You can view the reading at this link:

Cards for those in their 60’s


Wish Stone: Wealth

Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, Medicine Woman Tarot, and Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

This age group may have been having some financial difficulty but finances are improving or will improve soon. They are asked to watch their spending at this time. Some may feel called to teach or share knowledge with the next generation, especially with children and grandchildren. Those getting ready to retire may consider taking on an apprentice in the workplace. This group is needing to find more balance in their life and balance in their body. Their bodies are experiencing these energies in the stomach, bowels, and heart. There is a focus on the heart with this group, healing the heart and heart awakening.

This group is asked to heal the subconscious of limiting beliefs about money and self worth. Many are settling where they don’t need to and feel stuck, powerless. Many have control issues, not allowing the energies to move them forward. Some are not paying attention to their finances and may have forgotten their passion. Some are too caught up in things that don’t matter, are focused on things which cause stress. They may be absorbing energies from others and being influenced by the media. This is a group who  is also having an effect on those around them. They are able to heal now because they have the inner strength to do so. This group is protected by benevolent beings while they work on their healing, cords and that which no longer serves are being cut or burned away on their behalf.

This group is ready to step into their power and take control of their life. They are asked to go within, to access the heart and remember their passion. They may want to take chances and try new things. They are asked to reach higher, keep moving forward, and allow Spirit to guide. They are asked to go within to access their abundance. They are asked to stay calm and reduce stress. They are asked to stay focused on what really matters. It may benefit to have a good support system of friends and family. This is a group asked to get back into balance. They are asked to balance all areas of their life, balance finances, eat a healthy, balanced diet, balance masculine/feminine, balance between give and take, and balancing the elements within the body.

Crown chakra upgrades are affecting the whole body, especially the trickle down into the heart. They may be experiencing headaches. The third eye is also being worked on, with telepathy heightened or increasing, throat chakra, and ears, with clairaudience heightened or increased. There is a focus now on heart health, so important actions to take can be seeing the doctor, preventative measures such as quitting smoking, reducing stress, eating healthy foods, reducing animal fats, eating foods to reduce cholesterol, and exercise, particularly walking. This group wants to remember to eat a balanced diet and not just eat one type of food, but I am seeing eating more raw, leafy greens. They may also want to look into herbs and essential oils for the heart. I gave a few examples of hawthorn, rose, and red clover. They are also feeling the upgrades in the hips and lower abdomen. Bowels are also affected at this time. They can help their bowels by drinking lots of water, eating foods with lots of water content, eating seeds, and drinking cold-pressed, organic aloe vera juice.

This age group is awakening many gifts at this time. They may want to go within and learn about the self, learn about their gifts, and how to use them to help others. They may want to practice on family and friends. Because this group has a lot of healers, wholistic healing appeals to them and their body responds well to more natural treatments. They may want to learn more about herbs and natural medicines to heal. They may want to smudge, this will help with the heart, as well. They may benefit from going to healer for energy treatments, massage, or any type of hands on healing. They benefit from working with crystals and stones. Being in nature will aid this group in helping to calm, balance, ground. This group has a lot of intuitives and psychics. This group has many of the second wave of starseeds and volunteers.

You can view the reading at this link:

Cards for 70’s, 80’s, 90’s


Wish Stone: Wealth

Decks used: Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards, and Zerner-Farber Tarot.

When I make videos, I post them to Facebook. I wasn’t sure if I have many viewers in this age category on my Facebook page, so I put these ages all together. Overall, this age group  feels they are in a good place in life and managing well with the energies and changes. They know how to do their self-care, and have self love. They tend to have a good balance, but will want to be mindful about give and take. They may need to watch that others aren’t taking advantage of their good nature and create some boundaries for themselves. Finances are improving for this age group. There may be some karmic situations coming to an end for some, but then they will be able to move forward in a good way.

This group is experiencing a sleepier time than usual and more than the other age groups. Rest is important now for this group – downloads, messages, transmissions, light codes, and healing is coming in during rest, especially at night. Pay attention to dreams and messages from night time animals. While resting; repairing, renewal, and regeneration is happening. More insights, downloads, and transmissions are coming in on the new moon on the 15th.

Crown chakra upgrades are affecting the head of this group, some may feel light headed, feel loving energies, loving thoughts, like being in a love bubble, but they tend to be very grounded. The trickle down effect goes to the third eye, throat, and heart chakras. Because of third eye upgrades, some may be experiencing vision problems and have eye issues flaring up. They are experiencing the energies in the heart center as issues with lungs, respiratory, and allergies. I am seeing skin flare ups of rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, skin sensitivity, dry, flaky skin, and dandruff. Using a good topical moisturizer (heavier than usual) that doesn’t irritate the skin can help. Using an oil on the scalp and a moisturizing shampoo, is suggested. Moisturizing from the inside out by eating healthy fats and drinking lots of water is also suggested. They are also feeling the energies in their hips, bowels, lower back, and feet. Taking care of feet with a pedicure, foot bath, foot massage, wearing soft shoes like moccasins are suggested. Walking and dancing is suggested for exercise and for fun with friends.

This age group has many intuitives, empaths, and helpers. I feel many are awakened or at least have a good knowing about what’s happening to them energetically. They have strong intuition and knowing. Continuing to stay grounded will help. Their consciousness is expanding. The heart is experiencing a “floodgate” of emotions, possibly from Pluto retrograde, but this group is feeling it from the collective and from those around them. However, like I said, they are handling it well. There are many blue rays in this age group, both illumined and awakening. They may want to get more information about what blue rays are here for. Good stones for this age group to work with now are purple stones, especially amethyst, and emerald. There is also advice to work with the violet flame, sacred geometry, and alchemy symbols. This group has 1st and 2nd waves of starseeds and volunteers.

You can view the reading at this link:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a mental health professional, or nutritionist. Advice given is not to replace sound medical advice. Please use your own discretion.

Thanks for reading!




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