Readings for New Moon in Taurus on May 15, 2018

I post video readings on my Facebook page for new moons and full moons. I post a general reading and a love reading.

5 Card New Moon Reading using Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. This is the general reading. There’s no rhyme or reason to my spreads, this one is supposed to be a crescent moon. I couldn’t fit all the cards on camera while recording, so it looks like this instead.


1st Card:  Hilarion ~ Divine Healing ~ Honour your sensitivity. Retreat to recharge and heal. Your light can support others.

2nd Card: Freya ~ Phases and Cycles ~ There is a beginning within every ending. Illusions are revealed and released.

3rd Card: Joan of Arc ~ Voice of Truth ~ Stand strong. Focus on your purpose. Release the fear of persecution and speak your truth.

4th Card: The Shekinah ~ Sacred Self ~ Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life.

5th Card: Odin ~ Psychic Insight ~ Your third eye is open. See truth for what it is. Follow your intuition.

Bottom of the Deck: Brigid ~ Inner Strength ~ Move back to wholeness. Recognize that you have the power.

Other cards: Krishna ~ Devotion ~ Trust your spiritual guidance. Your commitment has been recognized. You are loved unconditionally.

We are feeling very connected to this moon’s energies. We are receiving downloads, transmissions, light codes, upgrades and healing from this moon. Pay attention to any messages received during dreams. You can ask for assistance with remembering your dreams, or say an affirmation before you fall asleep that you will remember your dreams upon waking. You can keep a pen and paper by your bed to write down anything that sticks out to you. You can record it on your phone, too. There is advice to connect to Water Spirit, and pay attention to messages from the birds. Drink lots of water.

Upgrades now are affecting the head – crown, third eye, eyes, ears, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness expansion – even throat is included. It’s as though the energies of last week, especially the intense crown upgrades, were preparing us for the next set of energies to come in. There is a focus on third eye, intuition, listening. There are many who are finally beginning to see the truth and see past the illusion. They are ready to get their head in the game and get their thinking straight. Be discerning, stay focused. I am seeing a lot of learning happening for people. With intuition coming in strong, take time to connect. There will also be a focus with the heart chakra. You can see the green colour on some of the cards. I am seeing some with respiratory and lung issues, allergy flare ups. I am seeing emerald and peridot as good stones to work with for healing and connecting to the heart.

We seen last week in the readings for different ages, it’s important to support others. Sometimes all we have to do is work on our own healing, and we are helping others in that way. By us doing our inner work, we affect others in a positive way. We may be more sensitive than usual during this time, you may need time away from others. Just remember to practice your self care. Some may be experiencing sleep disturbances, having trouble sleeping, staying asleep, etc. Remember it’s a phase – this too shall pass. We are still releasing fears and anger. We have the inner strength to do this healing work. There are many parts of ourselves we are beginning to become aware of, remember it’s a journey back to wholeness. Even Divine Mother Freya and Divine Father Odin energies make it into this reading. The releasing is a finishing of a cycle so we can begin a new cycle.

You can view the reading here:

Love Reading

This is my 11:11 spread. It’s 14 cards. It’s read left to right, the top 4 cards, then left to right, the second row of 4 cards, then left to right the bottom row of 4 cards, then the two cards in the middle, top first then the bottom. And again, no rhyme or reason about what the placement of the cards mean. The first column is the divine masculine, the second column is the divine feminine and the two cards in the middle are what connects the two. This is just how it happened as I created it, and a person can identify with either or both columns.


Divine Masculine                               Divine Feminine
1. King of Pentacles                              3. 4 Wands
2. 13 Death                                             4. Queen of Swords
5. King of Hearts                                   7. Prince of Pentacles
6. 5 Wands ~ Reversed                         8. 3 The Empress
9. 15 Devil ~ Reversed                          11. 7 The Chariot ~ Reversed
10. 8 Strength                                        12. 6 Swords

13. 10 The Wheel of Fortune ~ Reversed
14. 7 Pentacles

Bottom of the Deck: 4 Swords

Even though this is a love reading, I was able to get more information that didn’t make it into the general reading. This included solar flares affecting the head, lots of transformations taking place, now being an easier to ground. With the solar flares, watch for the aurora borealis. There are diamond light codes coming in.  We are asked to balance the elements in our body. Bones may be affected now.  There are lots of awakenings happening. The ancestors and angelic realm are with us, helping, especially with our love life and helping unions. We are protected. Green and gold stones may be good to work with now.

There is still a focus to stay in balance, but it may becoming easier as we become whole. We have the masculine standing in his power, the feminine in her feminine power. There are karmic cycles ending which is why we are still releasing. We are ready to bring in the new cycle. There are endings of relationships not meant to be and know it’s divinely guided. Many are on a journey of love, know that every step takes you towards your destination. What you do for spiritual practice or self care is a good foundation. Both have been working hard, seeing some growth with manifestations, but are feeling frustrated. Stay focused we’re almost there. Good things are coming – finances and love life is improving.

For the feminine: Her thinking is becoming more grounded. She’s finally going to be seeing the truth and get out of her fantasy.  Some are still moving on from past relationships. She’s being more realistic now, she is realizing it’s really over. She is seeing that the feeling of being stuck was an illusion, she was keeping herself stuck by not letting go. She is ready to leave her past behind. With this comes feelings of sadness, but remember grief is part of the process. Keep releasing. She’s seeing the DM in a different way. She’s ready to move towards her divine masculine. She may be moving residence or traveling. She may feel ready to uproot and build roots elsewhere. She is ready to move forward and is moving towards wholeness.

For the masculine: He is really stepping into his power. He is experiencing many changes in his life and inner changes. He is feeling the love, feeling sexual desire towards his feminine. He is feeling good, feeling like “the man.” There may be some tests he goes through as part of initiation. He may experiencing others energies imposing, trying to prevent him from following his heart. Know not to take it personal, it’s just other’s stuff. Know that some of this is to understand triggers to be released. He is strong, he has the strength of a lion. Be brave.

You can view the reading here:

Both readings are usually up a few days before the new moon. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but the readings were up yesterday.

Thanks for reading!




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