May 16, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Cards.


This card is giving me the reminder of a message I received the other day. Many of our starseeds who are from highly evolved technological societies or planets are awakening. These are people who may be engineers or scientists of all kinds. These people have important technologies to help us with our ascension process and to help humanity. This is also a reminder for us to learn more grounded information about the science behind our healing and evolution. We may balance out our intuitive mind with factual information. Many people have fears around esoteric knowledge and fear of the unknown. When we learn and have information we can let go of fears easier. For many of you, information has been hard to process, its too much sometimes. Begin with your basics. My daughter told me I was like one of those basic bitches on tumblr, lol. She meant it was because I was decorating with crystals, pink salt lamp, faerie lights, etc. But I do really believe in the basics. You can really go far with your basics. When I would train cooks, I used to tell them, know your basics – cooking terms, how long everything cooks for, cuts, how to use your tools, what tools are used for what, food safety, hand washing, flavour base, and white, red, and gravy sauces. You can pretty much cook anything with this information, if you know your terms and tools, you can follow any recipe. If you have some basic flavour bases you can flavor anything well. If you know your basic sauces, you can make any sauce, really. You get what I’m saying. I bet you’re hungry now, too. Our basics can be meditating, getting outside in nature, being kind to others, forgiveness, gratitude, love, self care like drinking water, eating healthy foods, exercise, having a good night’s rest, etc. It’s really that simple, the rest will come with practice and devotion. So no worries, and know that whether you realize it or not, you are processing information at a high speed, your body will hold the information for when you need it most. Trust yourself. You are amazing.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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