About Crown Chakra Upgrades


I keep mentioning in the Cards of Day when we are getting upgrades in particular areas in the body. Lately, we’ve been getting many cards about the upgrades happening in the crown chakra. I just wanted to talk here about some of the symptoms you may be experiencing with these upgrades. The upgrades can happen because certain energies are able to assist with this process. The crown is typically located at the top of the head and is typically associated with a violet colour. From my understanding, this energy center governs our consciousness. It only makes sense then to conclude the reason for the upgrades is to expand consciousness. The upgrades may also be balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. What I mean by upgrades is that we are becoming new people, our body is being upgraded to help hold a higher frequency, and live in a higher density than 3D.

There are many symptoms I have noticed associated with the upgrades to the crown. There is what I call the, ” love bubble,” feeling foggy headed, headaches, ringing in the ears, feeling ungrounded, like your head is in the clouds, being too much in your head, racing thoughts, and the trickle down effect. There may be more I haven’t listed, but these are the main ones I see in my clients and in the cards of the day. With the trickle down effect, I have explained this before, where the energies come in through the crown and trickle down to other areas in the body where other upgrades are needed.  Because of the focus in the head area or the awareness of the higher frequencies, many may experience the love bubble. Think of it like the honeymoon phase. You may feel elated, euphoria, and loving thoughts and feelings.  Think of it like a natural high. However, having your head in the clouds isn’t always good for us. We are asked to stay focused at this time. Sometimes when the crown has been expanded, we now are receiving downloads. Many can experience a flood of ideas or insights, it can feel like an adrenaline rush. These experiences and symptoms can calm down once we balance out and the energies are grounded.


It’s good for us to have a balance between all the chakras. Staying grounded can help. I have an article on grounding if you want some ideas of how to ground. I also have a crown chakra oil blend created to help with these upgrades. Essential oils that help with grounding, focus, clarity, headaches, and calming the mind can help. There are also many stones which can help with the crown chakra. Eating foods with healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and fish along with your balanced diet is a good idea. Eating foods that can alkaline the body will also help. Vitamin B’s are good for improving memory, you can speak to your health care provider about ensuring you have a good balance of all vitamins and minerals needed, they may have better idea about what supplements to take. Eliminating or decreasing heavy metals and other toxins in your body products and foods eaten can also be good for the brain. Just check the list of ingredients of food or products, the Environmental Working Group has good information on their site about neurotoxins and other toxins which affect the brain and how to avoid. Another one of these toxins is fluoride. Many places put fluoride in the water supply, you may want to think about getting a water filtration system. Bathing in salt and baking soda can help pull out many toxins and help detox. There is also a brain/gut connection. What’s good for the gut is good for the brain and vice versa. Having a good gut microbiome is healthy for us. Remember your self care at this time, having a good night’s rest, drinking water, exercise, having a good support system, etc – all of it can help you to manage. Don’t be afraid to ask others about how they keep focus and stay grounded.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a mental health professional, or nutritionist. Advice given is not to replace sound medical advice, but can be complimentary. Please use your own discretion and seek medical care if symptoms are persistent

Remember, this all has a purpose and is helping to move us forward. We may just need time to adjust and like I said, symptoms will lesson once the energies are grounded and balanced out in the body.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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