Readings for Full Moon in Sagittarius May 29, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius

General Reading – 5 Cards using Zerner-Farber Tarot

photo 1(1)

  1. Two of Wands – Reversed
  2. Queen of Pentacles – Reversed
  3. Queen of Swords
  4. Seven of Swords
  5. Prince of Hearts – Reversed

Bottom of the deck: Four of Wands, underneath The Moon – Reverse

Other cards that showed up: 8 of Hearts and Justice – Reversed

Themes: Wisdom, Grace, Changes, and Ending of a Karmic Cycle

As usual, we are in need of grounding. I hope you read my article about the crown upgrades which can keep us in the higher chakras and make us feel ungrounded, at times. This will pass once the energies balance in the body, we can help by grounding. There is a connection to water – drink lots of water, cleansing baths with salt and baking soda, and remineralize. There is some grief welling up for some, go ahead and release by crying, if that helps. The grief and sadness are felt in the heart area. It can be because there are many endings happening. These seem to be karmic situations coming to an end, karma being balanced out by the Universe. We are to make things right, and cords are being cut or burned on our behalf. Justice is here. Certain situations need to be done in order for the next step to happen, the new cycle coming, you may feel this an energetic shift. For those feeling sad or uncertain about leaving behind situations or people, know there’s a greater plan, especially those of us who are starseeds, twin flames, volunteers. Allow the changes happening, it can be harder when we resist. We are moving forward.

We are receiving guidance and our intuition is coming in strong. Many have been blocking themselves from receiving. Put Spirit first, allow Spirit to lead you. This may take a leap of faith and trust. Taking time to listen in our busyness will help. Many are feeling distracted. Some are feeling confusion. Many are also blocking their creativity, passion, downloads, and love. Many are resisting changes. Take time for self care, allow yourself to be inspired, follow your passion. Just allow. Many are worried about finances or have money on the mind. Following your guidance and passion will put you on a path to abundance.

Many are revisiting the past to heal from it. There is a difference between revisiting the past and reliving it. Take the lessons and leave the rest. Let go of what no longer serves – toxic people and situations. Many are feeling grief from these endings and having to leave people behind. Many are ready to move forward but are unaware they are blocking themselves by carrying disappointments from the past. Many are remembering betrayals, back stabbing, gossip, people forcing others down. Many of these patterns have repeated.  This is where we revisit to address and change the patterning. Many have ex’s to deal with –  ex partners, ex relationships, ex workplaces. We are asked to clear and release the energy of this past and not take it forward with us. We are learning the unhealed wounds block us and weigh us down. We are wanting to heal thoughts and beliefs no longer serving. Some may be having a hard time to process, manage, or understand where some of these belief systems come from. Some have denial. Many might decide to seek a mental health professional or Elder to help with healing of the mind and past. Downloads are coming to help us understand and have insight. We have the power to change our circumstance. Good things are coming. Many will be feeling happier soon.

Many will have a shift of perception. This may be due to the upgrades in the crown. The crown upgrades are still happening. There is a balancing out of right and left brain. Many will be thinking more balanced, more clearly. We are asked to stay focused and keep thinking positive. Keep up with your prayers, affirmations, and visualization. We are asked to take the steps given to make our ideas and inspirations reality. This is a time of grounding and action. Take time to connect to your Higher Self and guides. Messages and downloads are coming in at night, pay attention to dreams. There are many celebrations coming – weddings, family gatherings, graduations. We are moving into 4th density. There are many awakenings. Number codes are 11:11, 411, 144, 1144, 444, – 1’s and 4’s.

Cards for the Different Age Groups

photo 2(1)

For Parents and Caregivers of Children 17 & Under

From The Faeries’ Oracle – Card 52 ~ The Rarr ~ Wild energy. Pure Potential.

Many changes happening for this age group, they are moving forward quickly and soaring. They are busy. We are asked not to meddle or sabotage in their ascension process. We may help our children to stay grounded, remind them to breathe, and center. There is a balance of allowing them to be the wild energy and not letting them get carried away.

18, 19, and those in their 20’s

From Dragon Oracle Cards – Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon

There are cycles ending, this group is asked to transmute that which no longer serves and raise their frequency. There is advice to use the Violet Flame and call on St.Germain to assist if you choose. The path is clearing for them to move forward. Many who have felt stuck will feel a shift. This group is asked to be of service to others and the planet. This may be why some plans haven’t worked out – there’s a higher path given.


From Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards – Horus ~ Cosmic Gateway

Many changes are happening for this group. Feel good about the changes happening – It’s for your highest good and potential. Stay focused and keep thoughts positive – you are manifesting quickly. The cosmic energies are felt in the head area. Intuition is felt within the heart center – go within to access. Some may experience lung, respiratory, and throat issues. Lapis and turquoise can help. Messages coming in at night. Allow Spirit to guide and go with the flow. Express your gifts to be of service to others.


From Medicine Woman Tarot – Exemplar of Arrows

Many in this age group are focused on family. Many are teachers, thinking of becoming teachers, or just asked to teach their children. They are asked to step into a commanding role, using their authority. They are asked to set boundaries and be self disciplined. This age group is asked to be an example for others to learn from. Wisdom is coming in strong from downloads and crown upgrades. This group is asked to find more balance between all areas of life, as well as, masculine and feminine balance. Ceremony may be beneficial. Plan to go camping or sit and enjoy a fire.


From Orion Council Oracle Cards – Control your magic. You are psychically intuitive.

Many are awakening psychic gifts and/or psychic gifts are heightened. Listen to your guidance and intuition. Watch your thoughts. This is another group asked to use self discipline, being conscious of how your energy affects others and those around you. Choose to be uplifting to others. You have decisions to make and many choices.


From Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards – Contemplation Time

Some are still figuring out what they are wanting for themselves, connect to Higher Self who knows. This is group asked to ground and meditate, retreat if you can. There is still a focus on the heart and keeping the heart open. Communication is important – being open, honest and vulnerable with self and others, communicating with the Universe what you truly want once you figure it out. Crown upgrades are affecting the head, you may hear ringing in the ears. Release with salt baths and drinking lots of water will help.

70’s & Older

From Dragon Oracle Cards – Orange Gold Dragon from Arcturus

This group is asked to step into a leadership role and help guide the younger people. You are asked to be of service. This is a group asked to let go of ex’s. Downloads are coming in from cosmic guides to help you stand in your power. Psychic gifts are developing. Many are key holders. Releasing with salt and/or baking soda baths and drinking lots of water will help.

Reading for the astrological signs – from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

photo 3

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius  – Lady Venus and Lady Nada

Air signs are connected to Venus, downloads coming in from Venus. Pearls of wisdom coming from the downloads. Clairaudience is awakening and/or heightened. There is a focus on the heart with many having heart center awakenings. Rose is a good herb to work with for the heart and heart chakra – even rose quartz. Messages coming in at night, pay attention to dreams.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – Green Tara and St. Germain

There are many karmic situations ending and cords are being cut. Move beyond – don’t limit self. You may be relocating. Trust in your guidance.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – Charity

Because you may have more energy in the lower chakras, you are asked to connect to the higher chakras to bring more balance in your energy field. You are protected while being downloaded and upgraded. You are also asked to work with rose. You are asked to communicate with Spirit through prayer. Ask for what you are wanting, you are manifesting quickly.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Hope

Downloads are coming in. Solar flares may be affecting the head. You are protected. Crown upgrades are bringing pearls of wisdom, and trickle down to the third eye, ears, and heart. Clairaudience is awakened and/or heightened. Many of you are healers, you have healing fire. You are also leaving situations no longer serving and new love relationships are coming. You are asked to work on your self-worth, know you are worthy. You radiate love towards others, keep thoughts loving. You have fire and passion in your heart. Allow it to move you.

Bottom of the deck – Kali Ma ~ Facing Fears

Follow your passion, your intuition, and your guidance. Your third eye is open. Don’t let fear stand in your way of moving forward. Many changes are happening, consciousness is expanding, and many awakenings are happening.

You can view the reading here:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a mental health professional, or nutritionist. Advice given is not to replace sound medical advice, but can be complimentary. Please use your own discretion and seek medical care if symptoms are persistent.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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