New Moon Love Reading

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5 card Crescent Moon Spread using The Romance Angels and Zerner-Farber Tarot. 

We are asked to continue to do our shadow work. We have codependency and addiction issues coming up again to be looked at – which many are not looking at or in denial of. We are asked to do this very soon. This seems to be creating a blockage in the heart center, we are asked to open up our hearts and be vulnerable with others. In terms of healing the addictions and codependency, I am seeing a retreat or going to a centre for treatment and seeking support from others. This is where it may become important to open up and share our feelings about the reason for the behaviours. We have the strength now to do so. I am feeling this is linked to the eclipse happening in July. With all the clearing happening lately, we are asked to not go back to the same situation we are finishing. There is still advice to balance give and take. We are asked to ground ideas and intentions by doing the work and taking the steps necessary. We have the advice to ground and meditate. Some have choices to make between one or more romantic interest. We are moving upward and onward – moving away from toxic people and situations but also actual moves. Because this is a love reading, the moves or travel can be for romantic reasons. Those who are single and looking may meet someone through work purposes or through what they do for play (example: sports teams, games, etc.). We are receiving more clarity now as we continue clearing and more downloads are coming to help us with becoming more clear.

You can view the reading here:

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