Reading for New Moon in Gemini on June 13


I begin with 5 cards in a crescent moon spread using Dragon Oracle Cards. From this spread we see a balance of earth and water energies. We are asked to ground, ground ideas, connect with nature, drink lots of water, continue with salt baths, and go with the flow. There is still clearing happening and many will feel lighter and free to move ahead once situations have cleared. There is still more clearing in the emotional body of deep wounds. I am feeling a rebirth energy. I am seeing many awakenings and activations. Empathic abilities, key holders, gatekeepers, healing gifts, psychic abilities, kundalini, heart centre, DNA, cell, awakening and activations. Our bodies are becoming more light filled as we upgrade and are able to hold higher frequencies. There is a need to balance giving and receiving – surrender, allow, and sharing. Many downloads coming in, diamond light codes, messages coming in at night, pay attention to dreams. We have advice to go camping and boating or canoeing. Some are thinking of getting tattoos or connect with someone with tattoos. Third eye, throat, higher heart, and heart are being upgraded and worked on now.


Because of the water and earth energies from the first reading, I next pulled from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards and then The Faeries’ Oracle. Same messages come through and are confirmed. Some are thinking of going back to school or wanting courses having to do with ideas they are working on. Some are thinking of starting a business or have self employment opportunities. In the Mermaid and Dolphin reading, we have the advice to seek knowledge from an expert and in The Faerie reading, the expert may be an Elder. Fears are coming up in regards to the new path some are taking. We have support. Towards Full Moon on the 27th, we will be having a new round of crown upgrades and sleepy, tired energy again.

You can view the reading here:

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