June 16, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Dragon Oracle Cards.

photo (3)

Our card today is the Gold and Silver Violet Flame dragon. We are asked to continue clearing the old, we are given the advice of transmutation. Transmutation is an alchemical process turning lower density into a higher vibration. One of the best ways to transmute situations is forgiveness. Another good one is positive thinking. During our New Moon Reading, we received cards letting us know we are getting downloads to help us with the situations we are asked to clear. Some of the downloads are pearls of wisdom, we can use our inner wisdom to heal the situations no longer serving and have the wisdom to know when to walk away. We were also given the advice for service and this card tells us the same. We are asked to offer unconditional giving and receive grace  unconditionally. I decided to show bottom of the deck because during the New Moon Love Reading we saw cards that showed diamond and emerald codes coming in. I wasn’t sure what the emerald codes were but now we know it’s healing, abundance, good fortune and helping us to anchor in our 5th dimensional timeline. Keep releasing, we are making room for something much better. Remember, those of you who have received readings from me and our advice from the New Moon Readings – rose medicine can help you with heart chakra, skin, and the emotional body. Take some time to go out and pick, many are in bloom now. I always suggest to give an offering before you pick your medicines. Tobacco can be a good offering.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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