June 22, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

photo (12)

All week we’ve been getting cards giving the advice to say what’s on our mind and to have those important conversations. Today’s card is giving us the same advice for our love life. Go ahead and let that special someone how you really feel. For some, they may to figure out what they are wanting from a relationship or a romantic partner and then let that person know exactly what that is. For some, this is advice to go ahead and make the first move. If you look at the card closely, the couple is in colour while the background is black and white. I feel like the expression involves colour – colourful language, colourful clothing, colourful artwork – whatever brings more colour into your world. This may be expressing yourself to your partner through music, art, love letters, and even sexy texting. You may even want to consider using colour magick for decorating your bedroom to bring more passion into your relationship. When I see this card I feel as though this is a relationship with an age gap, one of you may be older than the other. We have advice for grounding and being in our heart before we express ourselves.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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