Reading for Full Moon in Capricorn June 27, 2018

photo (17)

5 Cards using Zerner -Farber Tarot

  1. Two of Swords
  2. The Hanged Man
  3. Eight of Hearts ~ Reversed
  4. Princess of Swords
  5. Ace of Wands ~ Reversed

Bottom of deck: Five of Pentacles

Topped with 5 more cards from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards

photo (18)

Many are feeling stuck at this time. Some are afraid to move on and are trying to block change by trying to control outcomes. They are not letting go, not wanting to change. Some are feeling fears around what others think of the choices they are making. Those going though this situation may be thinking others will view them as a failure, like they didn’t try hard enough. There are feelings of disempowerment, grief, and sadness along with the fears mentioned earlier. There is some feelings of lack. Many are not dealing with their emotions. There may be some depression or mental instability because of this. There is also some codependency needing to be looked at, such as relying on the views of others for feeling happiness, being brought down by others, and controlling behaviour. Some are staying stuck in illusion.

We are vibrating at a higher frequency which is why the lower energies are being removed from our lives – they no longer resonate. Our guides are lovingly guiding us to a better life. Some cycles have just run their course – it’s okay to let go. It will help lighten the load. Take some time to ground and meditate. Listen to your intuition. Follow your heart. We are getting ready to step up in our power or take back our power. Some may need to stick up for self and set boundaries. We are getting our life back into balance. We may just need a higher perspective, a balanced perspective, one not from ego. We can get different perspectives from friends and family, positive people. Avoid naysayers and people who are bringing you down. Know you have many options available to be able to make good choices for yourself. We are getting downloads during the full moon that bring a fresh perspective, reigniting passion, drive, and determination. You will feel renewed and reenergized. We will get a boost of good energy. We will be experiencing another round of crown upgrades during full moon and looks as though solar flares will be affecting us, too.

You can view the reading here:

The Love Reading for Full Moon is similar – Once I get a chance I will upload and transcribe.

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photo (20)

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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