June 30, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

photo (26)

The story from the book about this card is that people think the eyes of the Oak Men are creepy, so Brian Froud recoloured the eyes and people changed their perception. We seen during the Full Moon Reading we are needing to look at our situation from a higher perspective. Take some time to go within, access your inner wisdom and take another look at what’s going on. See beyond. Many are getting downloaded now with insight. You may need help from others, this is a card of Elders, so speaking to your Elders may help gain clarity. Call your grandparents. If you are called to service, think of working with Elders. Consider volunteering at a retirement home, personal care home, legions, places where Elders reside and visit. If you have elderly neighbours, maybe visit and see if they need some help around their home. You may find you are having dreams of your grandparents who have passed. And lastly, this is a card of grounding, spending time in nature, being still, being around the trees. Good stones to work with now are petrified wood, amber, and fossils.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome Saturday!




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