July 1, 2018

Good Morning and Happy Canada Day!

Today’s card comes from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards.

photo (27)

Our intuition in coming in strong. We are being downloaded with wisdoms, insights, ideas, and inspirations. Take action on what you feel called to do. We are asked to ground. I am feeling many are busy at this time, not taking time to rest. Take time to rest and breathe, even if it’s for a few moments. I am feeling many are way over their heads, with their heads in the clouds, it’s like they are having a break from reality. Try to ground and come back into your body. I am feeling many are thinking positive but not in balance where they seem to live in their own world. Remember we are asked to be of service and there are many on the planet who need our help. Take some time to get out of your head and listen to what others may be going through at this time. I am feeling some are getting downloaded with many ideas but aren’t following through with action or have too much on the go at once that nothing is being finished. Pick one great idea and focus on it until it’s done, or write a list of what you plan to achieve and cross off as you finish. You may want to read my article on grounding for ideas on how to ground.  We are asked to continue clearing, even drinking lots of water as a way to flush. Many are not in their heart, it’s time to get heart centered. I understand if you feel pain and you may not be ready to go there. There are many helpful people who are qualified and experienced in helping you sort out your feelings or even just be there to hold space and listen. Please seek them out if you are wanting assistance. We are also asked to let go and go with the flow. Having said all that, we are asked to play and have fun. Whatever it is that helps you to feel joy.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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