New Moon in Cancer Reading and Partial Solar Eclipse July 12, 2018

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Top Card from The Faeries’ OracleThe Singer of Transfiguration

Second Row from Zerner-Farber TarotTwo of Swords, King of Wands in reverse, and Three of Swords in reverse

Third Row from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards Divine Magic, Play Time!, and Let Yourself Receive 

Fourth Row from Keepers of the Light Oracle CardsRadha, Odin, and Serapis Bey

Last Card from Dragon Oracle CardsGolden Solar Dragon

A lot of fiery energies present, people are feeling the effects of the partial solar eclipse. This set of crown upgrades come in through the crown and open up the third eye. The trickle down is coming into the throat, higher heart, heart, and solar plexus to be worked on now. We are asked to awaken our Divine Masculine and embody his traits of protection and leadership. Remember we all have both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of self. We are asked to balance our Divine Feminine with our Divine Masculine and to balance give and take. We are asked to open up and receive. Our intuition is coming in strong, listen to your guidance and pay attention to your gut. There are some blockages in the sacral area, we are asked to find a creative way to express ourselves through our passions. I am also seeing scalp issues, and I suggest my Crown Chakra Oil to help alleviate some discomfort around that. Some are still clinging to the past, I am sensing they will get a glimpse of what it will feel like if they completely let go and it will help them to let go. I am seeing many travelling, it will help them come back renewed with a more positive world view. Letting go and getting that fresh perspective will help lighten the load to move forward, almost like leaving the dark, dense world behind. With all the changes that have happened, many are feeling as though their world has been flipped upside down. Just be patient and give yourself time and space to ground in your new life.  Some have been feeling numb, we will feel this moon’s energies in the heart helping the energies to become unblocked. There are many awakening at this time. We are asked to expand on and develop our spiritual gifts. We are asked to live with authenticity and integrity. Having said all this – we have gone through the worst and it’s time to rejoice. We have passed an initiation phase and are ready to be powerful. Good stones to work with are lapis, turquoise, carnelian, coral, black coloured stones. This cycle lasts from this New Moon to the next New Moon on August 11.

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Love Reading

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Top Card from The Faeries’ Oracle – Card 17 Himself

Second Row from Zerner-Farber – Princess of Hearts in reverse, Two of Pentacles in reverse, and Six of Pentacles

Third Row from The Romance Angels –  Separation, Getting to Know Each Other, and Unrequited Love

Bottom Row from The Romance Angels – Flirt, Pay Attention to the Red Flags, and Past Life Relationship

This reading makes more sense if you view the general reading. Again there’s more Divine Masculine energy which we’re asked to awaken to help us step up into our power and balance our Divine Feminine. There are some instances where we may need to channel the Divine Masculine’s warrior characteristics to put our foot down, set boundaries, communicate our wants and needs. We are also asked to honour our sacred sexuality. Many are shedding the masks and ready to step up into their authenticity. For some in relationships, something has changed in you which makes you feel differently about your partner and relationship. Because of this, you may need to reevaluate your relationship, seeing if you still want to be there. Pay attention to your intuition and any signs you are receiving. For those single, they may meet someone generous and earthy, an outdoorsy type, like a hunter. You, yourself may be the earthy person looking for someone to share similar traits.

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