July 13, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

photo (9)

How exciting! New Love is here for many. We are asked to be aware of our codependent behaviours, that we aren’t just jumping in another relationship to be rescued. We are asked to be independent at this time. I am seeing something isn’t in balance and we are asked to get ourselves in balance. Some may be trying to jump into another relationship or distracting themselves with a new person. Patterns may repeat if we don’t take the time to learn and heal. For some who have been waiting for it, this new person is welcomed and it’s okay to be open to love – you deserve it! For those in relationships, you may be feeling a new spark in the relationship. Be open to romance. In any case, we are asked to listen to our intuition and trust our gut. If something is telling you, you aren’t ready, or need more time on your own, trust your own internal wisdom. If you don’t sense any red flags, go ahead and move forward. We are asked to learn to communicate our wants and needs more effectively to our romantic partner/s. Some may be feeling some tightness around the chest and stomach. We are asked to shield our thoughts. Some may be experiencing headaches. Grounding will help.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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