July 22, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Path of the Soul Destiny Cards.

photo (20)

Today we are asked to ground and meditate. We are asked to work on our root chakra. Some recognize the root chakra as a center which houses our flight or fight response. When I feel blockages in this area, I can feel it as worry. A good affirmation for this center is to tell yourself, “I am safe.” Pray and give your cares up to Creator. Red stones and black stones are good stones to work with to help with this center. I have a grounding meditation on my Facebook page from The Faeries’ Oracle, if you are interested. This area is lighting up, some are activating Kundalini. While you meditate, breathe and with each breath pull the energies upward to the higher chakras. This can help to increase your energy. I am seeing those with low energy at this time will have a boost in energy. Eat red foods, like strawberries, cherries, rhubarb, apples, peppers, etc, will help. We are also asked to be active, to exercise, do activities – the more we do the more energy we produce. Many are removing their masks and stepping into their true power. Many have fears coming up regarding this. Remember you have support to face your fears. Be aware of you energy field and keep your vibration high. Be aware of you toroidal field. We are also be asked to be aware of issues of anger and triggers of feeling anger. The triggers are there to help you understand and learn what you still are needing to work on. Some will feel angry from injustices, this is where you can set boundaries for yourself. Some will feel anger from issues where we are needing to let go and forgive. This is something you can do with another person, like a counsellor or Elder. You can journal your experiences, too, it can help you to pinpoint what the issue is. In some cases, we are asked to learn to detach from certain situations where we feel triggered. We are also asked to be aware of the number 3. In, yesterday’s card, we saw the number codes of 21 and 12, both reduce to 3 – 1+2=3. Three’s can be a number of the ascended masters, they are working with us now. 3’s can also be a number of understanding, of uncovering what is hidden. Watch for messages in three’s and watch for the number codes of 3.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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