July 27, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

photo (26)

Today’s Full Moon is bringing many insights and truths are being revealed to us. We are able to see past the masks others are wearing. Many of our soul mates are mirroring to us what we are still holding on to. We may be at a point now of being ready to let go of situations that just don’t matter in the long run. Remember our soul mates come in all kinds of forms, not just the romantic types. Some are here in our journeys to help us with our growth. They can teach us valuable lessons on forgiveness and what we are needing to work on. For some where this is a romantic soul mate, this person may be not be ready to take off those masks. That’s okay. Everything is as it should be. The person you have in mind as your romantic soul mate may have said something or done something that makes you question the connection. Spirit is saying to look beyond, you know the truth of how you feel and you can’t deny what has happened as a result of meeting this person. There is deep love here even if it doesn’t seem real here in this life. I am seeing past lives with this person, which may be why they have come into your life now. We are asked to keep looking at the truth. It may be we thought the truth was some people are bad, like they hurt us on purpose, etc. Maybe the understanding is that they aren’t this way at all. We’ve all been there, there was a time when we were unawakened and we were not conscious about who we really are. Some are still dealing with addictions, codependency, and shadow sides of self. Set boundaries for yourself and get ready for healing coming. Have some courage to take a good look at what is bringing you down. For some, this is confirmation of what you’ve been wondering about in regards to a special someone. We are asked to ground, having a firm foundation of spiritual practice can benefit you at this time to stay steady during these intense energies. And, always, remember the love.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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