August 2, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

photo (32)

We have our guides surrounding now, follow your intuition and guidance. There may be some vision problems today or issues with the eyes. Know this is a result of our third eye being worked on, the issues will subside once your upgrades are incorporated. Of course, see your doctor if you are worried or something seems serious. We are protected, it’s okay to look within, to see the truth of who you really are. We are asked to face our fears. It’s okay to be powerful. Look at Father Odin, he’s shielded, so are we. Remember during Full Moon Reading, we received Arch Angel Michael’s card  and Kali-Ma’s card from Keepers of the Light – we are protected. Go forward and face your fears. Keep your vibration high, know any lower densities can’t get to you.  Look for messages from the birds and pay attention to dreams. Your dreams are telling you what you may still need to look at. There’s so many changes happening. This is good, it’s an opportunity for us to soar. In Monday’s card, I had seen this is a time of preparation for the Lions Gate. Keep going within and clearing. Face these things head on. We are asked to connect to water spirit, drink lots of water now. I am seeing smoky quartz as a good stone to work with, and of course, red jasper.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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