August 4, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot.

photo (34)

Grounding is going to really benefit us now. Breathe. Find your calm. You are peace. Some are too much in their heads, it’s causing a blockage of being able to access intuition. Take some time to calm yourself, find your center, and trust in the guidance being given. Your Higher Self is communicating with you. Some have their heads in the clouds, grounding can help you connect back with your body, your Earth chakra, and help you to be present. Some are not taking action, they are waiting and twiddling their thumbs. Stay present to help you focus on next course of action. We are still very protected and supported by unseen forces, helping to lift us up. Have faith. We are asked to meditate. Pay attention to dreams, our guides are communicating with us through the dream time, Higher Self is helping to show us what we are asked to let go of, our subconscious is clearing old debris, and the body is healing through dreams. I am seeing legs are being affected now, knees, calves, and ankles, in particular. With all the changes happening, many are feeling like their world has been flipped upside down. Stay calm, relax, you’ll make it through and will be okay. I am seeing some are being affected by EMF (electromagnetic frequency), having crystals and orgonite in your office space and by electronics can help. Being in nature will also help. It might be time to unplug for a few days to help you reattune. I am still seeing camping is something helpful for us now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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