August 13, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)

I’ll start off with a Wish Stone.

Love: Encourage more affection into your life; carry the feeling of goodwill towards men throughout difficult times. Extend the hand of friendship; it may lead you to love. Be loyal to your friends.

In Thursday’s card, we seen energies working on the brain and head area. I am still seeing this in this card. It looks to me as though, our brain capacity is heightened. We are full of new ideas. We have the ability to manifest by our positive thinking. Watch your thoughts. Try to be optimistic about your situation. Stay focused. This is a card very focused on the head and mind. Grounding, going within, feeling love and gratitude can help you stay balanced in your body. I am seeing a bug in the chest area; many may have colds and flus at this time. Take good care of yourself, drink lots of water, eat healing foods, and rest plenty. This card is asking us to look at ourselves and others honestly, and to love anyway. He encourages us to speak honestly and clearly when dealing with others. Make no assumptions, leave no room for others to make assumptions, be clear. He encourages us to be compassionate towards ourselves and others, using tact in both verbal and written communication. ” Honest humility, idealism, and clarity of mind are some of the advantages of honesty.” I am feeling like some of this honest communication, tact, and compassion may have to do with friendships because of the Wish Stone. This may have been brought on by the energies of the Lion’s Gate. I say this because The Fee Lion is our card at the bottom of the deck. The Fee Lion is about tying up loose ends and remembering our responsibilities. It’s a good thing though, this was something that may have been kept in the dark and is now illuminated for us to look at. Many times we get cards reminding us to look for messages from the birds, this one is messages from plants. Honesty’s plant is Lunaria Annua, especially on Mondays. Google it, beautiful purple flower and beautiful, round, silvery seeds. Remember to speak and act with Honesty and Love in all your dealings this week.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome week ahead!




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