August 17, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

photo (48)

During last Full Moon Reading on Facebook, we had received The Devil card representing some temptation. For some, they may have given in to that temptation. It was a time of us being shown our triggers to release them. The important thing to understand about relapse, is it is a part of recovery. It’s a learning experience. I had also spoken about some going back to old ways and realizing that’s not where they want to be. You have the power to pull yourself out, even if it’s calling someone for help. For some, their addictions and codependency have clouded their better judgement. There is some deep denial. You can pull yourself out of that, too, just by looking at the truth of the situation. It can help to get others opinions to get another perspective. I’ve been feeling a shift lately. It’s time for us to focus on our own healing. There is something we’ve held on to, for some it is limiting belief systems. We are asked to let go to allow more love into our life. We’ve been too focused on someone else, be it our partners, our ex’s, or a person we’re hoping is coming. We are asked to focus on ourselves now. Remember, we are asked to prepare and make room for what we’ve been manifesting. This may be letting go of expectations or letting go of unhealthy behaviours of our own. For those in relationships, focusing on your healing can help you with your partnership. We have the lion strength of Leo helping us now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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