August 24, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


We’ve received this card many times. This time I am feeling it’s connected to letting go of old patterns and keeping your mind open to new people. This seems connected to the card about keeping your mind open to the possibility of a different type of person than the person you usually go for. Some may still have work to do around releasing their ex’s, too. Clearing your energy can be things like forgiveness, decluttering, taking back your space both mentally and physically. For some, this may be legal issues or contractual obligations, in which case work towards getting those things worked out. For some, this is about letting go of limiting beliefs such as, your ex is the only one who will love you, or all my partners cheat, or people only want me for my money, etc. Fo some, this may be letting go of expectations, remember love is unconditional. Real love without limitations is here for those who can release and heal the past.

Thanks for reading , have an awesome day !




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