August 25, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Little Reminders The Law of Attraction Oracle Cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber


Surprise, we are asked to ground, lol. Being in nature helps us with our grounding. People are looking towards the fall season and have fall in their mind. Past life memories are awakening and old timelines are collapsing. There is communication still needing to happen. Is there something unsaid you want to clear up? There seems to be a situation happening requiring you to get something off your chest. Speak your truth with love. For those in relationships, it may be nice for just the two of you to get away, to enjoy some time together during the last few days of summer. Getting away from the busyness of life and routine may help with your ability to communicate effectively with each other. If you are getting to know someone, taking them on a date to a park or a picnic lunch may be a good date idea. To help with grounding, here’s an affirmation:


Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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