September 1, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zombie Tarot by Stacey Graham and Headcase Design


There may be some petty disagreements at work, amongst your friend group, or family. You are trying to sneak away to not get involved. The thing is, you really don’t need to be involved. The situation will resolve, just be patient. People will find solutions needed, have faith. For some, they are feeling as though they barely are making it out of the past July/August energies alive. Well, guess what, you made it. There are still some situations asking for resolution and still some conflict happening. There are still changes going on. You will feel better about your situation by the upcoming New Moon. There is major healing still coming in. You might consider going for your check up, getting blood work done, etc. We are still asked do our inner work, especially inner child. You may run into someone from your past whom you’ve had a disagreement with giving you the opportunity to resolve, let go, and move forward. With this card, I am feeling like many are having difficulty moving forward at this time. We are given the advice to be patient, there’s some timing involved with certain situations. You will find solutions. Some may be having some pain or discomfort in the legs and feet now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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