September 14, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


Again, like the advice from the past few cards, we are asked to remain grounded and centered. To help with this, we can be in the present moment. This can help us to not worry about the future and to not dwell on the past. If you are busy, you are asked to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy yourself, “stop and smell the roses,” even if it’s for a moment. Take some time to breathe, focusing on your breath, breathe deep and slow, exhale slowly. Sometimes all it takes is 3 breaths this way to bring you back to the present. We are very attractive now, good news for manifesting your heart’s desire. Many are focusing on becoming healthier in all areas of life. This card says the energies are conducive – I am seeing energies of love, money, calm, health and healing in this card. I am also seeing us being attractive to our employers and potential employers. Businesses centered around beauty, environmental, health food, health and healing are doing well now, if you’re thinking of going into business for yourself in these areas, I would say this is a sign to go for it! For those unsure of what they would like to work on attracting to them, work on getting to know yourself and deepening your relationship with self. You will find this is a time of discovery, finding out new things about yourself, and what brings you enjoyment. Many will enjoy themselves this weekend.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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