September 16, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner- Farber Tarot.


In yesterday’s card, we received a card of victory. This card seems similar, a victorious king, you may be feeling like this. For some, we seen decisions are still needing to be made and this king is here to lend his energy of decisiveness. Make your decision, know you will make the right one for all involved. The choice you make will bring much needed changes and progress for you. Crown chakra upgrades are happening now, you may feel headaches, pressure on the head, have skin, scalp, and hair flare ups. You can use my crown chakra oil or other moisturizing, healing oils. I am also seeing issues with the legs and issues with the bowels. I am seeing exercise and play being good remedies for both. I am seeing we are still receiving and incorporating downloads. You may have ideas and feel inspired- express yourself creatively. Some are still having restless sleep and vivid dreams. These may have to do with those decisions needing to be made. A few weeks ago, we were asked to prepare to allow what we’ve been wishing and praying for to enter. Good things are coming, ready or not, this is a time of success. Be determined to make it a success. Know you will be victorious, like yesterday’s card says. Stand in your power – you got this!

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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