September 30, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Ceccoli Tarot.


Today’s going to be a sweet day.  Take some time to enjoy yourself. There are still situations needing to come to an end. They are tangled all around and it’s up to us to break free, like Friday’s card suggests. Some are not paying attention to these situations, it’s like you are in your own perfect world. However, you can feel it starting to crowd and cramp your style. Even though you present to the world you’re fine, underneath the mask you may be feeling sadness. It may be a response to something in your life that is disolving or melting away. Change can be hard for some. We are given the advice to express ourselves, whatever we are feeling. I suggest speaking to someone trusted, but journaling and speaking with you Higher Power through prayer can help. Treat yourself, be sweet to yourself. If your child or a child you care for were feeling sad, how would you cheer them up or comfort them? This is how we are to treat ourselves when going through this sadness. I am seeing some good things coming, in terms of finance this week. I am also seeing headaches today, and some foggyheadedness. Grounding, rest, and drinking water can help. Good stones to work with now are light blue and pink coloured.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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