October 1, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Halloween Oracle.


Many are rebuilding parts of their lives now. There’s been a sort of death to something allowing you to create something different in its place. We are asked to acknowledge any feelings, whether it’s grief or relief, in order to move forward. Some are having trouble getting in touch with their feelings, like they feel numb, like a zombie. This may be a symptom of depression, please talk to someone who can help. Many are unsure what they will build in its place. Some are feeling like they are reaching in the dark, grasping to hold on to something, but finding its not there. We are asked to crawl out of the darkness, the feeling of being smothered, and come into the light. Reach higher. Some are still feeling the effects of the moon. Some are still having trouble sleeping. Rest when you can so you don’t feel like a zombie during the day. Some are receiving messages at night, keep a pen and paper by your bed to record your dreams upon waking. Some may have racing thoughts before bed. When this happens to me, I focus on my breath and starting with my toes feel them relax, making my way up my legs, then hips, then back, and so on and so forth. I rarely ever make it my head because I fall asleep. If I can’t stop thinking about all I have to get done, I focus on something like what makeup I’m going to wear the next day and I fall asleep. Or I think of guys – you know nice thoughts. We are asked to let go of control, some may have to get away from someone who’s controlling. This seems to be a theme, in Friday’s card we got Free Yourself, and in the Pick a Card reading for October, some are feeling like they are wanting more freedom. We are asked to live our most authentic life, we may need to change to do so.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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